B and J Studios are set up to be available for small budget projects, demos, internet based recording and jingles, or recording something for that special occasion.

The studio will also be used as a teaching studio for Drums, Piano and Guitars. If you're interested in lessons, contact Brenden.

Mobile Recording

B and J Studios are currently set up to be mobile too. At this stage possible recording scenarios could include:

  • being able to come your own home if you have a disability and are not able to come to the studio
  • if you have a particular instrument you would like recorded that isn't portable
  • if you would like a performance recorded *
  • * At this stage, B and J Studios are only set up for 2 x XLR mic pres and 6 ΒΌ inch jack inputs. Soon there will be an up grade to 12+ xlr mic pres, with all appropriate accessories. This would be suitable for larger ensembles, eg. School orchestras.